First, thank you for taking time to get to know a little more about me. I know sometimes we tend to think we know others by the pictures we share on Social Media, but we are only able to see what others want to share with us and that doesn’t truly showcase our life.

Small Town Gal

I currently live in Kentucky in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I have been told that I have an accent, but I beg to differ. Around here Southern Charm is still a thing, we drink sweet tea like its water, we play outside till the streetlights come on, stop for all funeral processions to pay our respects and our elders are our history books. I could go on and on as I do have some big city dreams, but I can’t help loving my small-town community.

What truly fills my heart with joy?

Ever since I can remember my family has always found ways to give back. Each year we go on vacation we take time to help others. Like going to Disney in Florida we will take one day of our trip and visit Give Kids the World Village (Make a Wish Foundation) spending the day playing with guests, helping with lunch and anything we can do to show them our love and support. When we take our beach vacation we stop by the local park for the disabled. These parks are filled with wheelchair accessible features and activities, so no-one is left out on the fun. Giving back to others and showing support isn’t something we just do on vacations. All through the year we make trips to the Ronald McDonald house helping as needed and sending donations. This is what truly fills my hear with joy as each of these organizations have touched our family in special ways and I am always thrilled to lend a hand or do what I can to return the love. I encourage you to lend a helping hand or take up donations for an organization that touches your heart, I can promise you it truly is a great feeling unlike any other.

II hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me!

xoxo – Des